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Know the rules 

Here is the FSM ruleset. These rules and regualtions apply to all FSM Events and pickup games. Any questions in regard to the rulset please email

Full Send milsim ruleset 

1. Rule Notes

1.1     Event specific rules may supersede any of the rules below.

2.2   Failure to follow any part of the rule set below will result in ejection.

3.3 Not knowing the rule set below is not an excuse for breaking them.

2. Player Requirements

2.1.     Due to the nature of content in this event players must be 18 years of age or older to play.        Anyone under the age of 18 may be accompanied by a sponsor. A sponsor being anyone over the age of 18 for scenarios where the birth parent is not available but an uncle, older brother/sister, or family friend can be accountable. 

2.2.     You must have the required kit, uniform, and weapons.

2.3.        Expected to play with honor.

2.4.     You agree to read and understand all of the rules documented below.

3. Code of Conduct

3.1.     Cheating - Due to the nature of the game the opportunities for cheating are present. CHEATING WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone caught cheating will be immediately ejected from the event and will not be allowed back.

3.2.     Physical Contact - No aggressive physical contact is allowed. Anyone that makes physical contact with any other player will be immediately ejected from the event and will not be allowed back.

3.3.     If players have disputes they are expected to resolve them in a gentlemanly manner. This is a game, do not forget that. Speak to your team leader or in game admin.

3.4.     Dead men do not talk.


3.6. Honor - All players are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. Honor those you emulate in every way, including what it means to be a team.

4. Safety, Safe Zones & Parking

4.1.     Use the term “Blind Man” when an eye protection issue occurs or a non real world emergency. Blind Man will stop the gameplay. All players are to freeze and echo the call.  Players should remain in place until an 'all clear' is called and that should be verbally repeated as well.

4.2.     CORPSMAN is the call for a real world medical situation. Contact the Staff immediately when you discover an issue.

4.3.     Mags out and safeties in the parking area and safe zones at ALL times.

4.4.     Parking lot areas are NO PLAY zones, NO FIRE zones.

4.5.     NO shooting in the staging area. Shoot at the chrono station or you may shoot in the AO during pre-game 

5. Eye Protection

5.1.       Goggles on the whole day in the AO except for the parking/staging area or in your designated Safe Zones.

5.2.       All players must use ANSI approved hard lens type goggles or glasses that have a tight seal around the face, full sealing. Mesh goggles and non-sealing shooting glasses are not allowed.

5.3.       Players under 18 must wear full face protection.

6. Engagements

6.1.     This event does not recognize safety kills. Saying “safety kill” or 'bang" does not take an opponent out

6.2.     If you encounter an enemy within the 10 foot high risk zone, make a reasonable attempt to shoot them in the plate carrier when possible to minimize injury and impact.

6.3.     If you get the drop on someone and ask them to surrender and they confirm verbally take a surrender pose both parties are expected to comply in a sportsmanlike manner.  This only applies if the opponent is within your 10-foot high risk zone"

6.4.     Respect your opponent at close range, especially anyone within a 10-foot high risk zone.

6.5.     You may search for any dead on the field of play. To search a dead person ONLY, in arms reach say “I am Searching you”. Any intel must be given up by the dead person being searched, no questions, no quarrels. LARP it up a little.

6.6.     No blind firing. Shooting without being able to see down the bore of your weapon.

   7. Medic Guidelines 

7.1.      Squad leaders are able to medic any downed teammate, but may not revive squad medic. Squad medics are able to medic any down teammate, including squad leaders.

7.2.       Medics are to wrap one ace bandage around a downed teammate's arm. Once this action is completed, a downed teammate may return to play.  

7.3.     Players are to carry X2 Ace Bandages. Once the player has been revived twice (used both bandages) and they are hit again they must begin BLEEDOUT.

7.4.      BLEEDOUT timer is 3 mins from the time you have been hit. After BLEED OUT the player must return to their MOBILE RESPAWN/FOB.

7.5.      Medic’s may drag teammate to safety and only revive teammate onced movement has stopped. This action is to physically drag another player, the player being dragged is to play as dead weight. 

7.6.      Medic’s cannot fire or engage an enemy during revile of teammate. IF MEDIC IS HIT DURING THE ACTION OF REVIVING, BOTH TEAMMATES ARE DOWN.

8. FPS Guidelines

8.1.       All weapons will be chronoed, inspected, and tagged.

8.2.       Guns must chrono using 0.20g BB.

8.3.       AEG velocities will be 400 FPS and under. No AEG is allowed above 400 FPS. No minimum engagement distance.

8.4.       All Pistols velocities will be 400 FPS and under. No minimum engagement distance.

8.5.       All SMG velocities will be 400 FPS and under. No Minimum engagement.

8.6.       Support Weapon velocities will be 450 FPS and under. This velocity may only be used at distances over 40 feet. A secondary that meets the standard velocity should be carried as well, for any engagements under the 40 feet rule. Support weapons are not allowed to be fired indoors.

8.7.       DMR–Designated Marksman velocities will be 500 FPS and under. This velocity may only be used at distances over 100 feet. A secondary that meets the standard velocity should be carried as well, for any engagements under the 40 feet rule. DMR's are not fired indoors and must shoot semi auto ONLY. This means it must be a true DMR. 

8.8.       Sniper Weapon velocities will be 550 FPS and under. This specialty velocity may only be used at distances over 100 feet. If a target is within 100 feet you may not engage it with this weapon. A secondary that meets the standard velocity MUST be carried for any engagements under the 100 feet rule. Sniper Weapons are defined as bolt action only. Requires Approval from MSE to be a Sniper.

8.9     Obey and Respect the 10 foot High Risk Zone.

9. Uniform

9.1.       Uniforms will be required for the event.

9.2.       Insurgents or Militia, Uniform standards do not apply. Dress the part but wear the proper base color.

9.3.       Team members are required to match the same camo pattern or color for uniform top & bottom. Underwear should match your team camo. In case of need to shred layers matching underwear is approved 

9.4.       Team members are required to match headgear. Cover must match your primary color of uniform.

9.5.       DO NOT wear the other team's base color or camouflage pattern.

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