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Carry an icon into battle with the legendary HK MP5 SD6 AEG airsoft gun! This airsoft SMG delivers the legendary look of the suppressed HK MP5 smg favored by elite counter-terrorism units worldwide. Features of the HK MP5 SD6 airsoft gun include the mock suppressor that gives the MP5 SD its iconic look, ambidextrous safety and fire control switch, collapsible stock and 2 hi-cap airsoft magazines! The HK MP5 SD6 AEG airsoft gun packs an impressive punch at 340fps velocity and is ideal for airsoft CQB!





Legendary suppressed MP5 SMG looks and handling

2 hi-cap airsoft magazines INCLUDED!

340fps velocity (measured with .20g airsoft bbs)

Ambidextrous safety and fire control switch

Collapsible shoulder stock

Umarex HK MP5 SD6 Competition Series AEG Airsoft SMG

SKU: V750533
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